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The patient voice online platform aims at getting feedback from the healthcare users on their experience with the health system and making sure those voices are heard by the providers and decision makers, to inform decision making, encourage policy change and promote continuous improvement for better health outcomes.

This gives Kenyans an opportunity to engage with the health system and drive quality of care creating an environment that demands and promotes equal access to quality people-centered care. This will empower citizens to be co-producers of health and strengthen their partnership with healthcare providers as they push for continuous quality improvement and accountability for better and sustained health outcomes.

The platform will also provide information to the public to ensure health literacy and empower healthcare users to make informed decisions about their health status. The Patient Voice will facilitate communication which will not only improve the quality and safety of care but also the experience of the healthcare users and the satisfaction of the healthcare providers.


Facilitate citizen-led accountability for quality of care
Promote a culture of continuous quality improvement
Improve health outcomes
Inform policy making
Advocate for strong partnerships between health professionals and patients.


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