Advancing Equal Access to Quality and Responsive Healthcare

The Patient Voice Platform engages individuals and communities to amplify their voices for informed decision-making and to inspire policy change. Healthcare users are empowered to be co-producers of health while strengthening their partnerships with healthcare providers. That drives continuous improvement and accountability, creating an environment that demands and promotes equal access to quality people-centred care for enhanced and sustained health outcomes.

The initiative provides insights to ensure health literacy and empowers people to make informed decisions about their health status. Facilitating communication and elevating the voice of patients, their families, and caregivers improves the quality and safety of care, fostering trust and encouraging healthcare-seeking behaviour.

The initiative promotes citizen-led accountability, thus facilitating communication that supports accessibility to information and improved provider and user satisfaction.


Facilitate citizen-led accountability for quality of care
Promote a culture of continuous quality improvement
Improve health outcomes
Inform policy making
Advocate for strong partnerships between health professionals and patients.


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