Health services require quality as a foundation. For this reason, the Quality Healthcare Kenyan awards (QHKA) seeks to honour excellence and innovation in the health sector for quality patient-centered care.

QHKA was conceptualized in July 2017 by a Health Systems Manager and a General Practitioner; and later registered as a trademark of ZBS Ltd in March 2018.

The first of its kind in Kenya, QHKA has taken on the mantle and seeks to change the narrative and showcase impact of the positive contributions on the Kenyan health sector for scalability and sustainability.

The initiative takes a health systems strengthening approach to improve standards of health service delivery among health professionals by recognising outstanding performance, fostering innovation and the use of information technology, sharing of best practice, uniting the public and private sectors towards a common goal and creating a platform for collaboration.


To recognize and honor excellence in the Kenyan health sector  


  Improved standards in healthcare delivery


Quality patient centered care


Integrity, Commitment,

 Inclusion, Transparency & Accountability  


Foster innovation and use of Information Technology in patient centered care 

Recognize outstanding performance by health Professionals and organizations

Facilitate knowledge management and sharing of best practices 

Unite the public and private health sector for a common goal

Provide a platform for networking and collaboration 

Honoring excellence, celebrating innovation and positive contributions by individuals and organizations in the Kenyan health sector.