The UN General Assembly declared access to a clean, healthy and The UN General Assembly declared access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment a universal human right in July 2022. According to WHO, the health sector produces around 4.4% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

We seek to inform, enlighten and inspire excellence in advancing environmentally sustainable practices in healthcare for resilient and sustainable health systems that enhance, maintain and restore health while cutting down negative impacts on the environment and leveraging opportunities to restore and improve the environment to the benefit of the health and wellbeing of both current and future generations.

The health sector can mitigate climate change to continue providing quality care by adopting environmentally sustainable practices that include but are not limited to conserving water, recycling, using sustainable energy, reducing food waste, reducing waste management risks, lessening air pollution and greenhouse gas emission, prioritising health promotion and disease prevention, efficient management of resources, transportation, and sustainable procurement.

Healthcare organisations can also advocate for innovative models of care and empower health professionals to drive environmental sustainability while reducing and adequately managing waste and hazardous chemicals.


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