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We may use your data to contact you about future Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards or other events that may be of interest to you.



  • There is NO FEE payable for entry

  • The entrants should ensure they have written permission from any owner of the supporting material they wish to upload. This includes: literary works such as articles, pictures and graphics, Blueprints of architecture, audiovisual recordings, sound recordings and power point presentations.

  • The project, campaign, programme, publication or activity should have taken place or completed between 1st January 2020 and 21st February 2023.

  • Entries must be submitted online on the website.

  • Entrants can submit entries in more than one award category but NOT MORE than TWO entries for the same project, campaign, programme, publication or activity . Where an entrant has more than one eligible project, campaign, programme, publication or activity they can only submit entries for NOT MORE than THREE different projects, campaigns, programmes, publications or activities .

  • The entry document MUST be in MS Word; use Calibri or Times New Roman and font size of 12. The support documents can be in MS Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint or JPG.

  • The entry document should NOT be more than 1000 words, with SINGLE spacing.

  • Video/audio attachments should not be more than 5 minutes long.

  • Entries must be submitted before or on 21st February 2023 which will be the final day of submissions.

  • Winners will be announced on 5th April 2023 at the award gala.

  • The winners will be selected based solely on merit.

  • The judges decision will be final. The independent judging panel consists of representatives from various stakeholder to ensure there is integrity, inclusion, credibility and transparency.

  • In a case where no entry is submitted in a given award category, the judges will declare the category null. The judges also reserve the right to not select a winner in any given award category if the submitted entries are not eligible for the award.


The following factors will be put into consideration depending on the award category;

  • Strong Leadership and Governance 
  • Quality and relevant objectives
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems approach
  • People centredness
  • Improved processes
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Staff and community engagement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Efficiency
  • Ethical Soundness
  • Good relationship management and partnerships
  • Innovativeness 
  • Outcome/Results
  • Impact on healthcare 
  • Sustainability
  • Potential to scale up and replicate
  • Presentation of entry document (Brevity and clarity)
  • The project, campaign, programme, publication or activity should have taken place or completed between 1st January 2020 and 21st February 2023. 




5 – Outstanding, 4 – Excellent, 3 – Good, 2 – Fair, 1 – Poor


The venue or the date of the event may be changed if necessary for reasons beyond our organization’s control. You will be notified early enough in case this happens and your booking will be transferred to the new venue or date.

Any payment cancellations made will not be refunded or credited (Non-Refundable).

The ticket(s) are however transferrable and any name changes should be made in writing not later than 7 days to the event.


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